To all the loyal friends

of 'Painting For Freedom' ...


After more than five very productive years, we have taken a decision that it is time for the work of 'Painting For Freedom' to begin the process of closure.

     This process is likely to take much of the coming year, with final closure not likely before the end of April 2022, so there is still time to use this website, and to make some final purchases.

Created in 2016, 'Painting for Freedom' has been entirely dedicated to raising money in support of 'Freeset' and its work with women in West Bengal, trapped by the brutality of India's sex-trade.

     The work of 'Freeset' is as important as it ever was, and continues to do excellent work in and around Kolkata. For us in the UK who have driven 'Painting For Freedom', however, times are changing, and we no longer feel able to maintain the charity with the same commitment it has received through recent years.

     Richard Kidd, who took an early lead in the development of 'Painting. For Freedom', has found it increasingly hard to meet the demands of coordinating the various elements necessary to keep the charity, small as it is, running with the efficiency it deserves, and he has increasingly lost close contact with work on the ground in Kolkata - the initial inspiration for this painting initiative. Mike Lowe, who has also been deeply involved from early in the journey, both as a productive artist and as an exhibitor at multiple venues, has also found it hard to sustain the necessary momentum.

     We have decided, therefore, that it is timely to begin the formal process of closing 'Painting For Freedom'. It has been a rewarding venture for everyone involved, and significant sums of money have reached those working on the ground in India.

     This website will remain 'live' for several months. We still have some stock - a selection of cards, prints and books - and we will continue to despatch orders, as the process of closure unfolds. All money received, received either from purchases or from donations will be sent immediately to 'Freeset', until such time as it becomes necessary to close the charitable account.

     Please continue to use the 'Contact Us' page if you have questions about Freeset and how you can continue to support its work. We will continue to respond and provide whatever useful information we can.

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